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Ultimate is operating in over 40 states and currently partnering with some of America’s top contractors. Ultimate has built a network to help their clients fully staff their commercial and industrial projects. By partnering with Ultimate, clients can utilize Ultimate’s craftsmen network with over 250,000+ craftsmen nationwide.


For your consideration,
I have had the opportunity to work with Chris and his team for a year now, with much success. We are a national company that does work anywhere in the country our customer base requests. For the most part, we are well stocked with technicians in the major markets. But, this year I had the pleasure of working on multi-month remodels for a large commercial customer that requires strict adherence to policies geared for us to be around the general public/customers. The remodels took place in Lincoln, NE and various smaller cities in Wisconsin.
For all six of my remodels, Chris and his team met all of our labor needs. They were able to ramp up with the exact number of men when needed and would scale back when requested. They also were instrumental with our licensing needs for Lincoln, NE. This was very daunting when we first learned about it. But, Chris' team kept us in the clear for the entire duration of the project.
Beyond the above stated, Ultimate as whole is easy to deal with. My assistant is comfortable communicating with her counterparts. My site foreman will contact Chris if necessary. Our accounting team never has issues with the PO / payment requirements. The back-end work is very important to our team as a whole, and Ultimate makes that easy as well.
Going forward, I will utilize Chris and the Ultimate team for all of my projects. Thanks and have a good afternoon,

Scott Brown

To Whom It May Concern,
We would highly recommend the services of Ultimate Temporary Staffing. I now have four of their people working for us. They do a Great Job of providing the different types of workers required in our industry.

Randy Neises

I have had the opportunity to work with Zach and Ultimate LLC for over a year now, with excellent success. Our company works all over the state of Texas and when we need employees, Zach and his team work hard to get us who we need.
Zach and his team are professional, helpful, and maintain great communication with us. They are willing and able to adapt to our needs and seamless to work with.
Ultimate LLC is an important resource for us and we will continue to work with them to fulfill our future contracts.

Ana Sullivan

I just wanted to reach out to you to let you know that your agency has delivered several strong employees. By far, we receive more candidate leads than those agencies specialized in the Omaha area. It was slow at first but you seem to have tapped into the area very well! You have been a very valuable resource to us and we are greatly appreciative.

Amy Galvan